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    “Due to the growth of our facility and the retirement of one of our physicians, we had two gastroenterologist vacancies that we needed to fill.”

    “Throughout the process, Merritt Hawkins was quick to respond to our needs and detailed in relaying information. They kept the process moving forward and provided multiple vetted candidates very quickly. We had accepted offers from two candidates in record time.”

    “Perhaps their greatest strength was their client focus. For some reason this seems to be lacking in many other companies. Once they received the contract they started working and did not let up until we had the candidates we needed.

    “They immediately become invested. They seem to take finding you a candidate that fits your organization personally. They want to not only place a candidate, but place the right candidate. They are also polite. Funny that you have to include this but I have ran into this not being the case with other groups. You don’t have to fear them representing your practice.”

    I would recommend Merritt Hawkins to others without hesitation.

    Steve Dunn, Administrator, Gastroenterology Associates of Pensacola,  Pensacola, Florida

    “I have had the pleasure of working with Merritt Hawkins for anesthesia and most recently hospitalist searches over the past ten years. In all candor, my experience with Merritt Hawkins has been a successful one and I have particularly enjoyed the relationship I have had with them.”

    “They are available 24/7/365 and I sincerely believe their commitment is what has led to the success I have had with Merritt Hawkins.”

    “I have found that Merritt Hawkins takes the time to learn about the organizations they are working with. In turn, the candidates they forward are candidates that meet your criteria. Equally important is the post search contract that stays in place. Merritt Hawkins strives to maintain a relationship with you post placement, so they are in a position to continually assist you if the need arises. It is not simply a placement and ‘thank you’ relationship.

    “I would recommend Merritt Hawkins as a search organization and encourage an organization to take the time to meet with them and listen to what they can do to assist you with your placement needs.”

    Gary Morrell, Vice President of Operations, Sante Health System, Fresno, California

    “I first came in contact with Merritt Hawkins through my friend and classmate Sara Bland, DNP. She recommended Merritt Hawkins as she previously had a good experience working with them.”

    “Merritt Hawkins was extremely effective in assisting me to find a new practice. I was very impressed with how easy and accommodating Merritt Hawkins was to work with. They went above and beyond with helping me make sure the new practice was a good fit for both parties, while addressing my needs and concerns.”

    “Much to my personal delight, their dedication in helping me spoke volumes. They called me the other day just to check in with me, making sure everything was going well. This personal concern and connection is definitely a strength for Merritt Hawkins. Merritt Hawkins devoted their time to helping me make sure my transition to the new practice was a smooth one.

    “Another strength of working with Merritt Hawkins was working with my recruiter and his verve. His effervescence permeates in everything he does. Finally, in this day and age, it is rare to work with such people who are enthusiastic and have such an optimistic attitude towards life.”

    “I have not worked with other recruiting firms. After working with Merritt Hawkins though, the bar has been set very high. I would work with Merritt Hawkins again and will recommend Merritt Hawkins to other healthcare professionals.”

    Mallory Miner, DNP, Pocatello, Idaho

    “We were having a difficult time finding the right fit for our vacancy as the positions in our organization are not common in other types of facilities.”

    “Merritt Hawkins was extremely thorough in the vetting of potential candidates for our organization. Through proper management of the recruitment process, they alleviated any additional work from us and allowed us to focus on our daily workload.”

    Merritt Hawkins took time to understand exactly what we were looking for beyond just the skillset. In finding qualified candidates, they also found us the right fit in terms of personality, attitude, and leadership style.”

    “I have worked with other physician search firms in the past with a previous employer, but I decided to use Merritt Hawkins for the first search I was conducting in my current position. I had a great experience working with Merritt Hawkins and there is nothing I would have changed in any way about my experience.”

    “I would absolutely recommend Merritt Hawkins to any organization, and I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

    Lacey J. Hammons, CAO/CFO, American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Dallas, Texas

    “I have recently had the pleasure of working with Merritt Hawkins. I emailed Merritt Hawkins when I received an email about an opening in Colorado Springs. One of their recruiting consultants called back within about an hour and the CEO of the facility called later that night, on a Friday evening no less.”

    “From the very first big step through the myriad of little steps to, ultimately, the successful matching of Cedar Springs Hospital and me, Merritt Hawkins has been a pleasure to work with.”

    “Everything my consultant told me, from how the hospital is to the town of Colorado Springs, was right on point. He kept me updated almost on a daily basis. He returned phone calls, emails, and texts very quickly. He answered questions I hadn’t even thought about asking yet, but would have because it was regarding something he instinctively knew would be important to me and the process.”

    “On a personal level, he could tell I had many concerns about moving my 14 year old daughter away from her friends even though her continued poor health was the catalyst for moving out of Bakersfield, CA. He understood my concerns about relocating a 9th grader and was patient with my repeatedly talking about it. He even gave me some very useful pointers and ideas regarding his own experience of moving around a similar age. They were great ideas which I’ll definitely implement.”

    Bottom line, I cannot possibly tell you everything he did to make this huge, life-changing decision about as seamless as it could be. Actually, he not only quickly quelled my nervousness about it, he even made it fun and exciting. He is knowledgeable, professional, always available (even nights and weekends), and personable all rolled up in one.”

    I would recommend him in a heartbeat. In fact, I am working on my current employer to call him for information as he has been looking for a few other psychiatrists and a NP for a while without a single bite.”

    Pam Awe, MSN, FNP-C, Colorado Springs, Colorado 

    We believe that the experience we received from our Merritt Hawkins recruiter was the pinnacle of excellence, so much so that we wanted to write a letter informing you of our gratitude.”

    “We were initially very much impressed with [our recruiter’s] professionalism, courteousness, and enthusiasm for his job. However, what truly impressed us the most and proves that he is a "one-in-a-million" person/employee, was the length of time and energy that he puts into his encounters.”

    “The fact that he was able to speak with us solely over the phone, understand our wants, our personalities, and who we are as people, then to go on to find, not one, but two positions in the same area that shared our exact same philosophies which also had everything we could ask for, speaks volumes to his skills. I doubt that anyone else could have done such a performance with his amount of class.”

    He deserves praise for his hard work, determination, focus on detail, and skills in physician recruitment and placement, all without having to meet us in person! We would even go as far as to call him part of our family.”

    “We believe he possesses skills that all others around him could benefit from. He is a phenomenal employee, person, and now friend.”

    Matthew CiRullo, DO, and Elizabeth Clay, DO, Orlando, Florida 

    “The challenge we faced in this search was to identify qualified orthopedic surgeons interested in our opportunity. This is a considerable task today since the supply of orthopedic surgeons nationally is not sufficient to meet the growing demand.”

    “We retained Merritt Hawkins & Associates based on their responsiveness and professionalism prior to the initiation of our search. Before we began using Merritt Hawkins, the firm’s consultants had been very helpful in supplying us with physician supply and needs analysis data, and they had answered our questions promptly and in detail.”

    “This professionalism was further displayed during our initial search, in which Merritt Hawkins & Associates secured an orthopedic surgeon within approximately 30 days. We were particularly impressed by the firm’s initial assessment of our opportunity. Their onsite evaluation and consultation was conducted professionally and they knew exactly the type of information they needed in order to represent us.”

    “This was not the case with another physician search firm which we had also retained. Merritt Hawkins & Associates was more adept at meeting with our leaders and at structuring a sound search plan. They knew our expectations and were very effective in carrying out the search and in working with us throughout the process.”

    “We currently are using Merritt Hawkins for an additional search and I would certainly recommend them to others.”

    Laverne Poindexter, Executive Administrator, Georgia Vascular Specialists

    “I have had the opportunity to work with several recruiters/consultants from multiple different companies and have been utterly blown away by the professionalism demonstrated by Merritt Hawkins.”

    “Our first correspondence was in late May when I responded to an opportunity found on the website. Throughout this time, they have been reliable, affable, and personable, all of which have made this intrinsically stressful time much more manageable. Communication is clear and responses are prompt which helps to alleviate the angst that follows after a phone interview or site visit.”

    “It's clear that Merritt Hawkins is dedicated to their clients. Their guidance prior to my site visit was spot on.”

    Without reservation, I'd recommend Merritt Hawkins to any of my colleagues who are seeking opportunities.”

    Simon Long, M.D., Southern California