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Our healthcare thought leadership is respected across all facets of the industry, and prominent media outlets often turn to us as the definitive resource in our field. We have authored white papers covering topics such as population health, physician shortages and hospital/physician relations. In addition, we regularly conduct detailed surveys on physician compensation, revenue generation and resident practice preferences. This ongoing commitment as a leader in healthcare strategies and solutions helps us help both clients and candidates make informed physician recruitment and medical career decisions.

White Papers Family Medicine Recruiting Trends and Recommendations

Family Medicine physicians are consistently the most requested recruiting assignments for Merritt Hawkins. This white paper examines trends in the recruitment of family medicine physicians, including current supply and demand projections, compensation in the specialty, the expanding role of family physicians, and recommendations for recruiting these doctors.   

White Papers The Cost of a Physician Vacancy

What is the cost of a physician vacancy to a healthcare facility or to a community? 
At first glance, the answer to this question may seem obvious. Interview expenses, the cost of on-staff recruiting personnel and/or a physician search firm, and patients that are lost during the transition are some of the consequences of a physician vacancy that immediately come to mind. 
However, several implications of physician vacancies are frequently overlooked, and often the total impact of a physician vacancy can be difficult to quantify.

White Papers Physician Supply Considerations: The Emerging Shortage of Medical Specialists

When considering physician supply in the United States, analysts and academics are near unanimous in their projection of current and growing doctor shortages in the area of primary care. What is less commonly conceded is that shortages of medical specialists also are challenging the ability of the U.S. healthcare system to provide patients with timely, appropriate care. Factors driving the demand for medical specialists and the available supply are examined in this white paper.  

White Papers Rural Physician Recruiting Challenges and Solutions

The challenges facing rural hospitals and other healthcare facilities are numerous and well documented. Learn more about both the challenges and the rewards of rural medicine in this whitepaper.  

White Papers Neurology Recruiting and Compensation Trends in an Era of Physician Shortages

The need for neurologists in the United States continues to accelerate as the patient population both increases and grows older on average.
What are the latest trends in neurology recruiting, including supply and demand and compensation?

Merritt Hawkins, the nation’s leading physician search and consulting firm, addresses these and related questions in a new white paper entitled Neurology Recruiting and  Compensation Trends in an Era of Physician Shortages.