Patient Physician Access Index

Merritt Hawkins Team | September 22, 2017

Benchmarks and Metrics that Influence Patient Access to Physicians by State

Merritt Hawkins’ Physician Access Index compiles 33 benchmarks and metrics that influence patient access to physicians by state. Each benchmark is assigned a score, with a low score indicating a positive effect on patient physician access and a high score indicating a negative effect. For example, Massachusetts has the highest number of physicians per population of any state, a positive physician access metric, and is given a score of 1 for this category. Mississippi has the fewest physicians per 100,000 population of any state, a negative patient access metric, and is given a score of 50 in this category. Massachusetts has the lowest cumulative score of any state and therefore is ranked 1st for physician access, while Oklahoma has the highest score and is ranked 50th.The map below indicates where states rank on the Patient Physician Access Index, from 1st to 50th, and displays all 33 variables by state.

Physician Access Index Interactive Map

Use the dropdown to view the benchmarks. The map and ranking will adjust accordingly. Hover the state to see all benchmarks and metrics. Zoom by double clicking the map or using the toolbar to the left of the map. To revert back to the original data, simply reset the map by clicking the reset button just below the graphic.

To view each of the 33 variables and how states rank by variable, go to "Select Measure" below.

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