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Our healthcare thought leadership is respected across all facets of the industry, and prominent media outlets often turn to us as the definitive resource in our field. We have authored white papers covering topics such as population health, physician shortages and hospital/physician relations. In addition, we regularly conduct detailed surveys on physician compensation, revenue generation and resident practice preferences. This ongoing commitment as a leader in healthcare strategies and solutions helps us help both clients and candidates make informed physician recruitment and medical career decisions.

White Papers Physician Recruiting and Emotional Intelligence

Merritt Hawkins' new white paper explores issues of physician emotional intelligence and what this trend means to physician recruiting and the implementation of new delivery models. 

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Surveys 2019 Physician Inpatient/Outpatient Revenue Survey

In addition to delivering healthcare to millions of patients, physicians also drive significant economic activity for their hospitals and communities. 

Th 2019 Physician Inpatient/Outpatient Revenue Survey provides benchmark data that hospitals and healthcare facilities can utilize to develop a “quantitative analysis” of their physician recruiting programs, highlighting the financial benefits newly recruited physicians can bring to a facility. Administrators will find the survey's data crucial for their hospital’s bottom line as it will help create a better informed cost/benefit analysis of the physician incentive packages they offer to prospective physician specialties based on revenue potential. 

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White Papers Internal Medicine Recruiting Trends and Recommendations

This white paper examines trends in the recruitment of internal medicine physicians, including current supply and demand projections, compensation in the specialty, the expanding role of internal medicine physicians and recommendations for recruiting these highly sought-after health professionals.

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White Papers Convenient Care: Growth and Staffing Trends in Urgent Care, Retail Medicine, and Free-Standing Emergency Centers

Increased access to medical service -- the idea that success in healthcare delivery depends on “being everywhere, all the time” -- is a part of a growing trend in which healthcare organizations are evolving away from a transactional model of care and toward an “experiential” model characterized by customer service, price transparency, provider ratings, and ease of use. With the understanding that consumers punish complexity and reward simplicity, healthcare is shifting to a convenient care/outpatient model with a wider menu of niche providers to suit varying customer preferences.

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White Papers Physician Supply and Demand Fact Sheet

This white paper provides an at-a-glance look at current statistics revealing physician supply and demand facts and trends in the United States from various sources. 
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