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Top Apps for Physicians

January 17, 2018

Top Apps for Physicians

Healthcare Apps that Physicians Should Consider Using

Doug Bennett, Contributing Writer

A 2016 survey revealed that physicians dramatically increased their use of both electronic health records apps and mobile clinical apps in recent years. The number of physicians using mobile EHR apps increased from 50 percent in 2013 to 78 percent in 2016. A whopping 85 percent of physicians and physician practices now use mobile devices to do their jobs.

We’ve assembled a list (not exhaustive) of the top mobile applications used by physicians. These apps are transforming how medicine is practiced on a daily basis, so it pays to familiarize yourself with the ones that can benefit you most.

General medical and drug reference apps offer a quick way to look up or confirm medical facts and information while also enabling point-of-care diagnosis support. They are the most common and popular apps for physicians.

  • UpToDate enables physicians to answer clinical questions on the fly and features evidence-based recommendations, mobile-optimized calculators and a CME tracker.
  • Medscape includes formulary information on over 7,000 prescription, OTC and herbal drugs, a drug interaction checker and a dosage calculator.
  • DynamedPlus features disease and point-of-care information for over 3,400 different conditions, with new updates routinely added.
  • Epocrates is one of the most robust and highly regarded reference apps. It provides basic drug prescribing and safety information including side effects and interactions, dosage amounts, pharmaceutical manufacturer contact info, and tools for calculating patient data (e.g., BMI) and identifying pills.
  • Isabel is a diagnostic assistant app whose recommendations have been peer reviewed in various medical journals. A handy tool for physicians who want to double-check their diagnoses, Isabel includes over 6,000 medical condition presentations and offers a variety of ways to refine results based on symptoms, patient demographics and travel history.
  • Skyscape is another decision support tool for physicians, which features drug information, medical calculators, summaries of journal articles and evidence-based clinical information.

One of the most popular medical imaging apps is Figure 1 Medical Images, which enables physicians to view, comment on and share medical images with hundreds of thousands of other physicians. This app is helpful for diagnosing rare conditions and seeking feedback from other physicians who have encountered similar cases.

Several apps enable physicians to stay informed about the latest research developments and news in the medical field. These include Read by QxMDNEJM This WeekMedPage Today and Medscape's MedPulse. These apps can generally be personalized based on specialty or areas of interest and they cover everything from FDA bulletins and clinical practice guidelines to proceedings from professional medical conferences.

Patient care and patient communication apps such as Virtual Practice for Doctors and;MediBabble are transforming how physicians interact with patients both inside and outside of the office. These apps often feature remote patient monitoring and patient portals for communicating with patients, including live video chat.

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