• Doctor Jobs and Physician Specialties

    Doctor jobs and physician specialties positions at the nation's most sought after facilities are staffing today at Merritt Hawkins. Begin your physician job search for specialty positions below by choosing your desired practice field. If you have questions or need help to find the right doctor jobs for your needs, please complete the form on this page or call us directly at (800) 876-0500.

    Select from the following Doctor Jobs and Specialties

    Family Medicine Jobs

    If you're looking for family medicine jobs in a variety of clinical settings, you're in high demand. Read more about this growing area of practice and search family medicine jobs here.

    Advanced Practitioner Jobs

    Advanced practitioners are taking the healthcare world by storm, helping relieve the physician shortage with a vengeance. NPs and PAs are the new rock stars. Read more about advanced practitioner jobs here.

    Pediatrician Jobs

    Permanent pediatrician jobs are waiting for your great bedside manner. Bring your caring skills and experience to great facilities across the country. Read more about permanent pediatrician jobs here.

    Obstetrician/OBGYN Jobs

    Gain access to some of the nation's most respected facilities where women's health issues are front and center. Your OBGYN experience counts. Read more about permanent obstetrician jobs here

    Hospitalist Jobs

    Your invaluable experience in hospital medicine is needed across the country. Want to live near relatives? Explore the country? Read more about hospitalist jobs here.

    Internal Medicine Jobs

    The world of internal medicine is rife with new opportunities in academic settings, high profile hospitals and specialty clinics. Read more about internal medicine jobs here.

    Psychiatry Jobs

    Mental health clinicians with your skills are needed in hospital and specialty settings across the country. Help patients regain their confidence. Read more about psychiatry jobs here.

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