Overlooked Elements of the Recruitment Process

Merritt Hawkins' winning recruitment formula goes beyond standard services offered by most firms. We combine healthcare staffing consultation with bottom line implementation. Working to meet 100% satisfaction in doctor recruitment and allied health staffing, our unparalleled strategy includes many factors.

Comprehensive Staffing Resources

  • More than 8 million practice opportunity letters sent to physicians each year.
  • On average, more than 10,000 candidates called by our Research Department per month.
  • Thousands of unique visitors to our Web site job search each month.
  • Valuable information for medical residents through our partner site, NewPhysician.com.
  • Hundreds of mentions each year for Merritt Hawkins in medical journals and general media outlets.
  • Active in medical journal advertising campaigns.
  • Attendance at physician conventions nationwide.
  • An extensive team of recruitment consultants working for you.

Aggressive Implementation

Merritt Hawkins' extensive front-end consultation, unique resources and meticulous, 44-step recruitment plan set the industry standard for thoroughness and professionalism. Elements of this proven plan include:

  • A national candidate sourcing campaign using multiple resources.
  • Ability to reach target-specific, high-quality candidates.
  • Thorough screening of doctors and allied health professionals.
  • Multiple hours of pre-interview phone time with candidate and spouse.
  • Detailed, written profile of qualified candidates.
  • Preparation of a detailed candidate and spouse interview itinerary.
  • Pre-interview, personal recruiter consultation with candidate.
  • Third-party debriefing, consultation with candidate and client.
  • Assistance in reaching a timely decision by candidate.
  • Candidate credentialing.
  • Candidate relocation assistance.

Front-end Search Preparation

To give clients the best possible recruitment results, we perform meticulous and diligent search preparation with each client. This includes:

  • Conducting a comprehensive, on-site job and community profile.
  • Providing a detailed, written search plan.
  • Providing a sample candidate search contract.
  • Analyzing current client contracts and incentives.
  • Assisting with federal recruitment law compliance.
  • Establishing candidate parameters.
  • When applicable, consulting with the Search Committee and confirming roles and communication channels of the committee.

Our proven program, refined over many years and tens of thousands of physician and other search assignments, has helped us establish an unrivalled reputation and one of the highest search completion ratios in the industry.

A Competitive Edge

In today's highly competitive medical market place, successful doctor recruitment requires both a sophisticated search plan and the resources to carry it out. Merritt Hawkins is one of the very few firms that offers both. Request a call today to speak with one of our client representatives.

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