Sharing Insight on Healthcare Recruitment

Recruiting medical staff into an organization takes a considerable amount of time, resources and knowledge of the healthcare staffing industry. As the nation’s leading physician search and consulting firm, we feel privileged to share some of our insights and best practices to aide your organization in fulfilling its staffing requirements.

Merritt Hawkins has more than 20 years of experience in physician recruitment. Over the years, we have developed effective strategies to successfully recruit and retain qualified physician and other healthcare professionals. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with recruiters, so they may be better equipped to handle the challenging demands present in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Whether recruiting a doctor, physician assistant, pharmacist, nurse or allied health professional, recruiters can benefit from following industry best practices. We invite you to examine the following resources designed to share our expertise with members of the healthcare community.

Resource Title
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Stark Law Changes and Physician Recruiting
Read this whitepaper to learn more about Stark Law regulations and how they affect physician recruitment.
Physician and Nurse Supply
This whitepaper reviews the presidential candidates’ healthcare reform proposals and assesses how each would affect the supply of physician and nurses in the U.S.
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