Medical Books from the Leader in Permanent Physician Recruiting


Merritt Hawkins' Guide to Physician Recruiting

Learn from the leaders in the field. Merritt Hawkins presents a wealth of data and practical information on the art and science of physician recruiting and healthcare trends. This book starts with the basics and advances into how to meet the real challenges of today's healthcare market as well as future trends in healthcare. It ties together all the important components necessary to achieve success. This guide should have a permanent home on the desk of every person involved in the physician recruitment process.


Will the Last Physician In America Please Turn Out the Lights?

The doctor shortage in the United States is here and it's not going away any time soon. This book is based on research and the extensive experience of Merritt Hawkins, the leader in permanent physician recruiting. The authors comment on the reasons for the doctor shortage and discuss careers in locum tenens and career options for allied professionals, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, CNRAs and others. They also tackle healthcare issues relating to hospital-physician relations and ER departments, just to name a couple. Turn Out the Lights is a must-read for everyone concerned with physician staffing in their organizations and communities, both now and in the future.


Setting Up a Physician Practice - A Reference Manual for Practice Start-Ups

You've invested a lot of time and money in your career in the healthcare industry. The next step is to ensure your physician practice is set up properly and ready for the future of the healthcare industry. This comprehensive manual is not authored by Merritt Hawkins staffers, but is suggested reading as it includes a 78-step checklist and timetable that addresses everything you need to consider: information on accounting, computer selection, hiring employees, financial reporting, compliance regulations, marketing, medical records, billing policies, fee schedules and much more. No new physician’s office should be without this publication.


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