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The Physician Interview: It's What You Don't See That Counts

Posted by Anonymous at 7/14/2017 12:49:47 PM

How to Approach a Physician Interview

The Physician Interview: It's What You Don't See That Counts

By Rick Novak

When a hospital, medical group or other health care facility schedules an on-site physician interview they are certainly prudent to make the best of their time with the candidate.

The on-site interview, however, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to physician recruiting. It’s the time and effort spent before the interview takes place that really counts. The success of the physician interview almost always depends on the depth and clarity of the information shared by both the recruiting party and the candidate prior to the candidate’s arrival on-site.

In Merritt Hawkins’ experience, physician interviews work best when the candidate has obtained all the information he or she needs to make an informed decision prior to arrival. This includes a detailed description of practice hours, schedules, responsibilities, patient load, equipment, path to partnership (if relevant) and related matters. It also includes a contract or letter of agreement stipulating the salary and other contractual terms offered by the practice.

In turn, the recruiting party should have all the information they need about the candidate’s training, experience, requirements, practice preferences and personal preferences to make an informed decision.

The interview then becomes an opportunity for confirmation of what has already been covered, rather than an exploration of what the practice may offer. For this reason, it makes sense to follow the 70/30 rule, structuring the interview to be 70% social and 30% business. When candidates come to the interview fully informed, the interview becomes primarily an opportunity to discover if the key players involved will fit on a personal and philosophical level. They need to share time together in the practice environment and outside the practice to determine if they are likely to make an enduring match.

This point and other suggestions for getting the most out of the physician interview are explored in more detail in the new Merritt Hawkins’ white paper Structuring the Physician Interview.

I would be happy to provide readers with a copy of this timely resource and I welcome any comments or anecdotes you may have about the do’s and don’ts of physician interviews.

Rick Novak is Regional Vice President of Recruiting for Merritt Hawkins, the nation’s leading physician search firm and a company of AMN Healthcare. He can be reached at here or at 469-524-1570.

If you are interested in learning more about our advanced practice and physician staffing services, request an appointment with one of our experienced consultants.

Awesome Article Rick, great description of the thought process behind the Interview. Well written & thought provoking!
Posted by: Brandon Hayes at 8/30/2017 1:02:50 PM

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