What Your Peers Say about Our Services

Merritt Hawkins takes pride in providing an unsurpassed level of personalized service to physicians and allied health professionals looking for permanent employment opportunities. There are many reasons why satisfied candidates chose us over other physician recruiting companies, including:

  • Our many years of experience in the industry.
  • The depth and breadth of opportunities we offer.
  • The preparation that goes into the presentation of each position.

But don’t just take our word for it, please read the testimonials below to see what your peers have said about Merritt Hawkins.

Recommendations from Healthcare Professionals

“Merritt Hawkins & Associates has a wide presence on the Internet and in medical journals and I first became aware of the firm through these channels.
“The firm was very effective in assisting me to find a new practice. The recruiting consultant who assisted me was pleasant and professional, and Merritt Hawkins’ staff was energetic and seems to work hard for clients and physicians.
“I have worked with other physician search firms and Merritt Hawkins is the best one in my opinion because their recruiters are more organized and professional.
“Would I recommend Merritt Hawkins & Associates to other physicians? Yes, yes, yes!”
Mary A. Flowers, MD
Cerritos, California
“Merritt Hawkins & Associates recruited me to a position in Oklahoma. Thanks to their help it turned out to be a great experience – a smooth and friendly transition for me. My recruiting consultant was excellent.
“Merritt Hawkins was of great assistance in the process. They demonstrated efficiency, respect and took care of even the smallest details.
“I would certainly work with Merritt Hawkins & Associates again and I would recommend them to others.”
Isabel Vega Gomez, MD
Elk City, Oklahoma

“I receive Merritt Hawkins & Associates’ personal letters and postcards regarding practice opportunities and was intrigued by a mailing I received regarding a position for a physician assistant.  I contacted Merritt Hawkins & Associates and inquired if they would consider a nurse practitioner for the position. I was then contacted by one of the firm’s recruiting consultants.
“Merritt Hawkins & Associates did a wonderful job in assisting me with my job search.  Their recruiting consultant found me the job I am most suited for and gave me the confidence to go for it!
“The firm is very organized and my recruiting consultant left nothing to happenstance. She is a polite, friendly and particularly articulate recruiter. I also appreciated the understanding she had of the employer’s needs how she demonstrated that I would be a good fit.
“I have worked with other recruiting firms and relative to Merritt Hawkins & Associates there is no comparison whatsoever.  Yes, I would with the firm again and yes I would recommend them to others.”
Linda Gonzalez
Nurse Practitioner
Mount Pleasant, Texas

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