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Top 5 Articles From 2017

Posted by Anonymous at 12/21/2017 12:35:04 PM

A Look Back at 2017 Healthcare Trends: Physician Compensation, Tort Reform, and More

Top 5 Articles From 2017

2017 was a year defined by changes within the healthcare industry. As the year comes to a close we are taking this opportunity to reflect on the most significant and impactful of those changes. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 blog articles from Merritt Hawkins for the year that cover topics such as physician compensation, tort reform, single payer healthcare, and physician turnover.

Which States Have Tort Reform: Where to Practice?

What you should know about tort reform in the United States.

Physician Single Payer Healthcare Survey

A plurality of physicians strongly support a single payer healthcare system, according to a new survey by Merritt Hawkins.

Is There an Ideal Physician-to-Population Ratio?

Here are the physician-to-population factors and variances that you should know.

The 2017 Survey of Final-Year Medical Residents is Now Available

Merritt Hawkins’ 2017 Survey of Final-Year Medical Residents tracks the career plans and expectations of 926 physicians in their final year of residency training.

Physician Turnover and Healthcare Staffing Trends

With physician turnover a major challenge, many healthcare facilities are examining their retention programs to ensure they are able to keep the physicians they recruit.

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