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Medical Specialty Spotlight: OB/GYN

Posted by Anonymous at 2/8/2017 12:09:35 PM

OB/GYN Trends and Physician Salaries

Medical Specialty Spotlight: OB/GYN


In our special feature entitled “Medical Specialty Spotlight,” we review trends in a variety of medical specialties related to healthcare recruitment, physician compensation and industry trends. Today, we will look at Obstetrics and Gynecology.

  Number of active OB/GYN physicians: 43,212   
  Most in demand medical specialty ranking: 6th  
  Percentage of active OB/GYN physicians that are 55 or older: 37%  
  Average starting OB/GYN physician salary: $321,000  

OB/GYN Trends

  • OB/GYN physicians remain in steady demand, underscoring the need for medical specialists among an aging population.
  • Specialists continue to be high revenue-generators in a system that remains largely volume-driven.
  • Average salary offers for OB/GYN physicians increased by 16% in 2016, from $276,000 to $321,000.

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