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Top 8 Healthcare Staffing Blogs of 2016

Posted by Anonymous at 1/3/2017 12:28:32 PM

Top Healthcare Staffing Stories from 2016

Top 8 Blog from 2016

2016 was a year filled with changes within the healthcare industry. Here are the top 8 blogs from Merritt Hawkins for the year, which cover topics such as physician compensation, the business of medicine, and the relationship between poverty and healthcare.

2016 Survey of America's Physicians

One of the largest physician surveys ever completed in the United States, Survey of America’s Physicians: Practice Patterns and Perspectives reveals an evolving physician workforce whose practice styles and attitudes are changing.

All Aboard: Physician Onboarding in 2016

Onboarding is the one of the first key steps in retaining physicians.

How much revenue do physicians generate for hospitals?

How much revenue do physicians generate on behalf of their affiliated hospitals through admissions, tests, prescriptions and other activity? Merritt Hawkins tackles this question in this study.

The One Book on Healthcare You Must Read

When discussing what makes people in the United States healthy or unhealthy, most Americans would likely say diet, exercise, obesity, social indiscretions, or genetics, but not poverty. Yet, poverty plays a crucial role in healthcare access.

The Potential Dark Side of the Physician Employment Boom

While serving its purpose in an economically and regulatory market, will physician employment be a positive trend for medicine in the long run?

A Good Time To Reflect on the Growing Role of PAs

PAs are making it much easier for Americans to obtain timely access to care.

Medical Residents and the “Business” of Medicine

Medicine is part art, part science and, to an often unsettling degree, part business.

Merritt Hawkins' Releases New, 2016 Review of Physician and Advanced Practitioner Recruiting Incentives

Merritt Hawkins’ Review is still the only data source in the market tracking physician and advanced practitioner starting salaries based on real-world recruiting assignments.

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