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  • Advanced Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants Bridge Your Staffing Gaps

    Experienced advanced practitioners, including physician assistants (PAs) and nurse practitioners (NPs) help meet patient care goals and allow healthcare facilities to maintain services and revenue during staffing gaps.

    Perhaps there is no other type of clinician better suited to help healthcare facilities during the growing physician shortage than advanced practitioners such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants.

    • Physician assistants and nurse practitioners are able to provide approximately 85% of physician services and work in multiple specialties.
    • Over 87% of NPs work in primary care, a key shortage area, while 67% of PAs work in specialty areas, many of which also are in short supply.

    Advanced Practitioners can Prevent the Detrimental Consequences of a Staffing Shortage

    Advanced_NPs_and_PAs_StaffingAdvanced practice clinicians have skills that mesh very well across the healthcare workforce continuum, especially in an era of physician shortages. There are more than 104,000 physician assistants practicing in the U.S. today, in addition to over 190,000 nurse practitioners, with approximately 15,000 completing their training each year. These growing numbers and skill sets put advanced practitioners in a position to improve patient satisfaction, reduce medical errors, ensure patient compliance, and enhance outcomes.

    Other benefits of using advanced practitioner PAs and NPs include:

    • Scope of Service — PAs and NPs have prescriptive authority in all 50 states, and their scope of practice continues to expand.
    • Patient Acceptance — Over 90% of patients surveyed by the American Academy of Physician Assistants said having a PA at a practice makes it easier to get an appointment and improves patient outcomes.
    • Sites of Service — Advanced practitioners work in myriad work environments, including urgent care centers, retail clinics, surgery centers, Federally Qualified Health Centers and others.

    How do advanced practitioners, PAs and NPs, fit in your staffing plan?

    Experts say that the healthcare practitioner shortage will eventually affect virtually every healthcare facility in the U.S.  It is therefore essential to have a staffing plan in place to safeguard against staffing gaps that threaten your high standard of patient care, patient satisfaction and the bottom line. Whether you need help preparing your plan or you are ready to start searching for advanced practice positions, Merritt Hawkins is the nation’s leading staffing firm specializing in permanent PA and NP placement. 

    NPs & PAs In DemandAdvanced practice positions for PA’s and NP’s are in high demand. In fact, PAs and NPs rank fifth on Merritt Hawkins’ list of most requested search assignments, behind only family physicians, internists, hospitalists and psychiatrists. One of the advantages of partnering with Merritt Hawkins is getting immediate access to the largest pool of highly skilled, qualified, pre-screened PAs and NPs available in the country.

    Wouldn’t you rather concentrate on patient care? 

    Using a consultative, resource-based approach — the same proven methods we have used in physician search for over 26 years —  Merritt Hawkins’ consultants provide you with personal service to make sure your unique, advanced practice staffing goals are met. While we are working hard for you, you can concentrate on:

    • Delivering outstanding patient care
    • Meeting patient demands
    • Delivering unforgettable customer service
    • Keeping your service levels robust and productive

    Trust in the nation’s leader in permanent advanced practice search.


    To learn more about our Advanced Practice recruitment services for nurse practitioners, physician assistants, or other physician specialties, submit a staffing request or, call 800-876-0500.


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